Essay: Existentialism-language a point of unification

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Essay: Existentialism-language a point of unification

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Now turning to structuralism it is evident that language is a point of unification as far as co-existence among communities is concerned. Today, and as a matter of law, some languages are considered official or national. This is not for any reason other than promotion of co-existence among communities across the board. Imagine a society whose people conversed in different, strange languages. No one would get what the other is saying at all. It would be a chaotic society in the long run. From the scripture, it is evident that due to multi languages in the scenario of Tower of Babel nothing could proceed successfully. Every operation was a mess stopping the progress in the construction of the Tower of Babel.

Language expresses our thoughts, feelings and desires. It is through communication that a person expresses himself/herself (George 59). This emanates from our rational faculty which rests in our brain. The above claim supports that of the structuralists when it holds that ideas are prior to verbal expressions. This point further discredits the claim existence takes priority in respect to essence as Sartre posited. It is true that the language used suffers bias and prejudice from cultural beliefs and backgrounds. But, take note noted that language derives from a rational mind therefore it should reflect novelty. A rational mind, therefore, should be able to “grow and comprehend reality in truth and in reality” (William 105). Here, there seems to be a circularity of terms. Whenever the mind conceives reality in reality simply means the mind should adapt to the current or contemporary dynamics. Language, therefore, should not be tied to culture in meaning, for to do this is to suppress the ability of the mind’s rationality.

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