Essay: Existentialism-human existence

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Essay: Existentialism-human existence

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The overall tone in existentialism becomes: humans exist. In their existence, they define themselves and the environment around them. This philosophy must be a consolation to most of the young people in the world due to its immense position on freedom of individual choice. Not only to young people, has it been of great impact but also in promoting the contemporary belief of non universal principles of truth.

Today, there is a lot of pluralism in ideologies especially in the ethical spheres and dynamics of democracy in political systems. Existentialist ideologies are strongly opposed to abstract and theoretical systems of thought and judgments that seek to clarify human existence (Marcel 201). It categorically discredits any attempts to explain human existential problems from the point of view of abstract thinking. It lays more emphasis on issues concerning choice, individuality, subjectivity compared to objectivity, freedom, and the nature of human existence.

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