Essay: Existentialism Philosophy

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Essay: Existentialism Philosophy

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The attempt by major philosophers on Existentialism is laudable. Human emancipation is one of the greatest empowerment that a human being can attain. I admire the claims they advanced in support of individuality. They are valid and sound despite the limitations to their claims. I am an admirer to those people who follow their course in life with determination believing in their potential. Heroes that we admire today became heroes because they stood for their dreams. They remained steadfast to their individual convictions.

The caution not to confuse individuality as posited by existentialism philosophy with self-centeredness is valid. We as human beings are by nature social. Co-existence is part and parcel of our individuality. What should be avoided is any tendency that is detrimental to one’s dignity, will and self-esteem. Existentialism is against any bit that undermines human’s inherent potential. They were convinced that man actually is the god of his /her life a claim that contributed a lot in contemporary atheism. In fact, some proponents like Nietzsche, Heidegger and Sartre believed that God had no place in human existence, that aside, they denied God’s existence.

Finally, language is a sign of life in the human being. Death, in my own opinion, can be defined as the point when human beings cannot communicate themselves. Communication is existence. I will support Sartre when he changes his position and reaffirm that essence is the reservoir of words and meanings expressed in language. Hence, essence is prior to existence and not that existence is prior to essence. To echo my claims above, language as an action of the human person ascertains his existence. Also, language should evolve from cultural whims and reflect the current status. In other words, language should never be tied to cultural aspects but should be dynamic since it derives from a rational; mind.

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