Essay: Exclusive rights designed for new digital communications

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Essay: Exclusive rights designed for new digital communications

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The WCT needs its member countries to distinguish and outline a few exclusive rights designed for activities that are carried over the new digital communications networks like the Internet.

Amid other things, it necessitates that authors enjoy a right of communication to the community, along with the right of making their world accessible, such as providing downloads from an Internet web site. Although numerous current copyright laws offer such a right through the more conventional rights of replication or performance, the WCT made it very evident that a right, in whatsoever form, must be granted to authors. Although the WCT leaves the current structure of exclusive rights mainly together, it does consist of requirements, comparatively new to global copyright agreements, on technological adjuncts to copyright protection. These adjuncts are anticipated to further the growth of digital networks by making certain that copyright can be significantly imposed and accredited online.( Breyer, Stephen 2008 pp. 281-298)

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