Essay: Excavations in Archeology

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Essay: Excavations in Archeology

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From our study, we can see that excavation plays a very big role in understanding history. It offers credibility to theoretical knowledge we have as far as different aspects of our historical knowledge are concerned. Indeed, settlement and mobility will make little sense if it is not backed by some concrete evidence. Whenever archeologists set out to carry out some findings, excavation is a major factor just as science requires laboratory test. We know that science can only develop sound theories after empirical verifications done in the laboratory.

We can argue on the same note that archeologists can develop sound knowledge after an excavation process. Though excavation can be considered risky especially when carried out in places that are unsafe, for example, in the desert, forests, secluded places and even tombs the society should recognize it as a value. Today, so many discoveries have been made due to the courageous efforts of the archeologist and indeed shaping the history and adding more substance to it. We cannot dispute that knowledge without concrete evidence is null and void. In modern world people need facts to support what they would consider knowledge.

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