Essay: Examining the Impact of Workplace Supports

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Essay: Examining the Impact of Workplace Supports

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Examining the Impact of Workplace Supports: Work-Family Fit and Satisfaction in the U.S. Military by Jennifer M. McFadyen Jennifer L. Kerpelma and Francesca Adler-Baeder (from; Family Relations, 54 131–144: Blackwell Publishing Printed in the USA. January 2005)


The article entirely dwells on the effect of lifestyle exhibited by army officers influences a sense of fit and satisfaction with the Army. This research article is in line with evaluation of Army Family Team Building (AFTB) support services impact to the military families. In this connection the article data obtained from the military wives, to great extend applies to single parent in military. As a result, single parent hood results to low levels of satisfaction leading to negative impacts to their children and mission at hand.

Article summary

The article has interesting facts about the military family life linkage to their readiness for the mission. In this regard, the article elaborates on the effect of family on the workplace productivity in a psychological, sociological and organizational behavior perspective relating to the military context. In the entire article, the emphasis lies in the suggestion that the link between the family life of the military persons and their expected performance. In the same sense, the article presentation views that the underlying family interests strongly have inflict on the persons productivity. In this context therefore, the publication puts emphasis that parenthood bears weight in military performance. Therefore, single parent children should be exclusively supported to reach optimization for work-family fit.

Article analysis

The article gives the overall picture of what ought to be done in order to stabilize single parent soldier’s military readiness and supplement their negative impact to their children. In same light of thought, the article do give a detailed account of the what is expected to meet work-family fit desire of military stakeholders for the single parent soldiers, but fails to give the core children issues and dwells much on the women and men. But nevertheless, the article acknowledges the problem of family social life in military and suggests that workplace supports programs and policies should be reviewed to mitigate the impacts.

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