Essay: Evils of War

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Essay: Evils of War

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By arguing, people are able to reach to a sound agreement since all the important points are considered. This is not the case here since people have the belief that arguments do not yield positive results. People’s opinions and perceptions are shattered since they do not have people to share with. People prefer remaining silence rather than sharing their views and eventually provoke an argument. The actions of people will also change since they will be more violent. Small arguments will be able to provoke great wars due to the nature of their characters.

With this kind of life, living is a hell since people cannot enjoy most of their freedoms. Violence is supported and this leaves the weak humiliated by the strong. Other evils associated with war are prominent and people are not comfortable with life. They do not know what may happen tomorrow and thus have no focus for the future. They live the life, which is presented to them, but not plan on how to live.

These metaphors are important in showing how lives can be different as a result of people’s perceptions and beliefs. With fear, life is very difficult when compared to the kind of life when people are in peace and enjoying their freedoms. Metaphors show how life can be affected by mere notions by creating a state of fear and lack of confidence to live. The actions, beliefs and perceptions of people can be changed by metaphors.

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