Essay: Evaluation of video games content

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Essay: Evaluation of video games content

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It is for this reason that it becomes increasingly imperative to evaluate the content of the video games accordingly. Particular attention has been accorded to the roles and identities that are portrayed by the characters. However, Gender identity as portrayed by these games has also been a bone of contention in the recent past. This is due to the fact that they also have a great influence on the lives of the gamers in various ways. Traditionally, video games have always been dominated by masculine characters that seek to enhance male dominance within the society.

Since time immemorial, gender stereotypes have always determined the content of the video games. Gauntlet (2002: 56) ascertains that women are seldom accorded a leading role in most video games. They usually act supporting roles and roles that portray their struggle towards gender equality. In addition, women are also portrayed as weak characters that need to always be supported and rescued by their male counterparts. They have also been depicted as sensitive individuals that are very emotional.

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