Essay: Evaluation of the Decision Out Come

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Essay: Evaluation of the Decision Out Come

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The evaluation process evaluates whether the desired results have been achieved and if they have not been achieved, then a corrective action is taken to ensure that the decision made achieves its objective. The evaluation process takes place in three ways that are closely interrelated, these are

  • Formative evaluation,
  • Process evaluation
  • Impact/outcome evaluation

Formative evaluation entails the development of the decision making process and it is also referred to as development evaluation. Information is collected from the employees, groups, and a survey is carried out to evaluate if this organization employs the best method of decision-making process. Process evaluation assesses whether this decision is the best for the emirates Airline or not. The context and content of this decision is evaluated and the results listed down. One further considers the link between the goal of this decision and goals of the organization at large. The impact/ outcome evaluation assesses whether the decision made about the managers taking the responsibility of managing workplace stress earns positive or negative results. one can employ the outcome models while assessing the impact/ outcome evaluation. Based on the achieved results from the evaluation of the decision made, the management makes a decision on whether the correct decision was made or not.

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