Essay: Evaluating and reviewing Harry Potter Films

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Essay: Evaluating and reviewing Harry Potter Films

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Wizardry is something that has been there since time immemorial even in the bible in the Old Testament in the books of 2 Chronicles, Leviticus and in the book of Exodus. Even in the New Testament in the books of Acts and 2 Peter wizardry and magic is mentioned. They are described as old people who are always out to hurt the people around them. Though the powers were originally inherited from parents in these films they can also be learned in school.

The Harry Potter films are based on the story of an adolescent boy by the name of Harry Potter who discovers that he is a wizard at the age of eleven. Lord Voldemort murdered Potter’s parents, and thus he goes out with two of his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley to conquer the world of magic and wizardry. Lord Voldemort believes that he is immortal thus making the films interesting as Potter and his friends hunt him down. Although Potter’s wizardry is inborn, there are children who are taken to wizardry schools in order to perfect the art of magical powers. It is through flashbacks that we learn that Potter witnessed the murder of his parents. The murderer, Lord Voldemort is depicted as a dark wizard who believes in the purity of blood. When Potter is placed in the family of Muggle, whom he dislikes he is kept safe despite the fact that the relatives are not wizards. His relatives seem not to care about his true heritage for they do not give him the chance to practice his magical powers.

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