Essay: Ethnicity of an Individual

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Essay: Ethnicity of an Individual

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This second phase of development shall be with a lot of curiosity about ethnicity of an individual, which shall result to a young adolescent exploring or seeking to gain knowledge about her or his ethnicity. Thus, this knowledge gaining mission make adolescent seek learning experiences within his or her culture. When there is facilitated learning, the individual gains positive feelings towards their group as a result of studying the culture of their particular group, or otherwise negative feelings (Franko.1998;Lask,& Bryant, 2000; Regard, 2008).

If leaning of individual is facilitated well, at final phase of development, a person develops a concrete sense of within their ethnic group. As a result, young adult achieve ethnic identity through appreciating and understanding their ethnicity. As they take pride in holding to their group with other members while encouraging external interactions with other majority groups. This stage places a solid foundation for person’s feelings about diversity and differences between the minority and majority groups as one reaches an acceptance that their minority group suffers low status in the society (Carolyn,1999, p.200). However, if the leaning deviates along the way the results are reverse, which are risk to the society in relation to eating disorder development.

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