Essay: Ethnic minorities

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Essay: Ethnic minorities

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The reviews cited are based on ethnicity/ Ethnic minorities’ concept from the category sociology purporting facts on definition of the concept, measurement of concept in migration research and the use of concept in migration research. Ethnicity concept is a variable which is viewed as an important factor in research; population is experiencing tremendous growth and is contributed by minority populations. It is a major concern in population as it perceived to be controversial variable in public health, economic growth, social status and demographic change factor.

The objective of the concept is to demonstrate influence on ethnic minority factors on development and the human behaviour to change the perception of ethnicity in society. The forces which stimulate ethnic minority such as new genetics, focus on health, inequalities in health care, globalization, migration, large mass movement of refugees, trafficking of human to other nations influences the research based on these concept to find facts and informed decisions in national planning.

The article relates to facts of ethnic minority and provides relevant information by explaining different perceptions of ethnicity as defined by different scholars, the use of the concept as it is mainly applied in medical planning and how it is measured in migration. The scope of research is limited only to ethnic minorities.

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