Essay: What is Ethics and Ethical behavior

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Essay: What is Ethics and Ethical behavior

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Define ethics and ethical behavior; and describe the relationships between law, values, and ethical behavior

Ethics can be defined a system of values that are moral while ethical behavior is the conduct of oneself in conformity with the morals (Pride, et, al, 2009). The law ensures that the right is followed such that a person respects both his and other people’s values while maintaining an ethical behavior.

4)      Discuss whether you believe Christian values are better, in an objective sense, than the values of other belief systems concerning ethics. How can one account for the widespread abuses in leadership in high places where people supposedly hold Christian belief systems?

There are no single values that are better than others in ethics. All are the same since they teach almost the same thing.  The leaders who hold Christian beliefs are likely to be abusive in power because they do not take their beliefs seriously to practice and know that they cannot be punished by the churches.

Week 3

1)      Explain the basic nature of multinational corporations (MNCs) and why they engage in international business.

MNCs are the businesses, which have their headquarters in one-country but offer products to so many other countries. They engage in international trade because they are very powerful and can highly affect international economy. They also grow very fast (United Nations, 1973).

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