Essay: Ethical Consideration

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Essay: Ethical Consideration

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In relation to ethical consideration each participant will be given two different types of forms regarding their rights. The first sheet will be a participant information sheet explaining the project that I am researching. On the first sheet it explains the purpose of the research, how the research is going to be conducted and the outcomes of the research. It also tells the participants that the information that will be gathered will be strictly confidential and that none of the information will be used outside of the project.

It also states on the sheet that their identities will be anonymous and only the researcher and supervisor will have access to their voices. At the end of the information sheet it explains that each participant has the right to withdraw from the interview at anytime of their choice. Also any data that has been collected so far will be destroyed and will not take part in the data analysis.

The second sheet will be the generic participant consent form. This sheet explains the information sheet all over again and allows the participants to read through, sign and date it. It also has the interviewee contact information, so that the participant can contact them, if there are any problems.

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