Essay: How do you envision your future professional life

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Essay: How do you envision your future professional life

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With the present changes in the world catalyzed by globalization, in future, I plan to be among the top advocacy leaders of the future Latino community. To achieve this objective, I shall enroll for various courses, which will enable me to be among the most competent communities in globe. I shall also dedicate some valuable time to my family and ensure that I am a role model whilst still ensuring that I am a valuable asset to my employer. I plan to be among the first women to break through and set a record.

Taking into consideration that I have taken a number of courses including a legal Advocacy Major and that I am currently taking a course in leadership seminar through my LLOP and advocacy classes, this is the first step to ensuring that I reach my career dream. More so, I cannot fail to mention that I am a Latino and also I am a member of the Latinos Leadership Opportunities Program, doing a research paper focusing on Public policy for Latinos in my community, I began it in January 2010. I am also a member of The Commonwealth Corp., a partnership between UMass Boston and the state to spur community involvement, activism, and civic engagement all in the spirit of volunteerism. My future education plans includes taking a PhD course in public policy health. Taking a PhD course will give me an upper hand to be able to meet my goals of being a global leader for the immigrant Latino Community.

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