Essay: Environmental issues at Hamilton Harbor

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Essay: Environmental issues at Hamilton Harbor

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The main issues that concern the Randle reef region in Hamilton Harbor pertain to the fact that the place is polluted for human as well as animal and plant inhabitation. The toxins present there are deadly which are traveling up the food chain. Moreover the steel industry in the region also has not been complying with the environmental management committees and the law enforcement agencies.

The other factor which has contributed to the increase in the [pollution in the region are the waste ad water treatment plants. These sewage treatment plants have been overflowing and dumping sewage as well as partially treated water and waste into the bay making the environment even more contaminated. As a result human health as well as the animal and vegetation in the region are in serious danger of being infected.

The argument that is present here is that should the government make policies and strategies that involve capping of the toxic waste or should it make efforts for removing it from the region. The situation in the Randle Reef is such that even the mud near the shore is contaminated with heavy metal and coal tar from the steel mills. The sediment in the region and the reefs has also become toxic so that 80 hectares of the underwater ground is toxic for living creatures of any nature. The amoeba in the region has absorbed these toxins and they are slowly being transferred in the vegetation and up through the food chain.

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