Essay: Environmental funds debate-Economic Preferences

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Essay: Environmental funds debate-Economic Preferences

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Any successful economies around the globe must in the first place get its preferences test right. It is evident that developed countries had to put their economic prosperity firs before environment conservation (Olmstead, 2007, p. 104). This dates back from the industrial revolution where countries engaged in fierce economic battles with their rivals forgetting environmental concerns. This lead to destruction of their environments and subsequent economic strength that places them in their current position as developed countries (106).

The developing world has the highest percentage of natural environments, which have remained intact for quite some time (Gamman, 1995, p. 72). This has however experienced the far-reaching effects of environmental degradation from elsewhere, to be specific developed countries. As third world countries continue wallowing in poverty, it will be very inappropriate to put any preconditions for environmental aid (73). The US for instance advices other nations to prioritize conservation of the environment forgetting that history has it that the US itself had to evade similar measures to become rich and healthy. Used of a chemical called DDT to curb malaria and latter on slap a ban on it is a good example (Solomon and American Institute of Architects, 2008, p. 29). This strategy is seen by many developing countries as hypocritical further derailing efforts to conserve the environment.

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