Essay: Environmental Degradation

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Essay: Environmental Degradation

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Conservation of the environment has for a long time remained a debatable issue. Questions have been asked about who and why the environmental protection should be done. Many nations have come up with various mitigation measures aiming at dealing with the already established consequences of environmental degradation. Financial obligations have however obstructed these efforts prompting more destruction of the environment. Developed countries have come up with packages for developing countries to assist them conserve the environment.

Being a very hot issue because of finances and consequences of a destroyed besiege, donor governments have put certain conditions for recipient nations for these aid. The question is; should developed countries force developing countries to protect the environment by making it a condition for aid? This debate paper is of the view that no country should be subjected to certain preconditions for it to get environmental aid. Proponents of this debate argue that giving money serves as an incentives but the fact remain that incentivizing with money does not make it affordable for the underdeveloped countries since they already in an inconvenient economic position to embrace such projects.

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