Essay: Environment is important for human survival

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Essay: Environment is important for human survival

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Secondly, as expressed by Anderson & Beasley, the human being is the main driver of both concepts. These concepts are developed and actualized by humans who also contribute to their continuous application. This is due to the fact that the human person recognizes the adjacent environment around him as it is important for his survival (69). The environment is the producer of goods and services for human consumption, and equally acts as an assimilator of waste produced from human activities that process final products for his use. Without it, humans cannot survive hence the essence to conserve and protect it.

The end result of both concepts is to create avenues of exposure to opportunities of the environment and its subsequent conservation.  The environment offers more than just resources. It creates an aesthetic feeling as well as favorable atmospheres for relaxation both mentally and physically. Such opportunities are made available through ecotourism and tourism (Morgan, 1999)

Both venture in to pristine environments that are either protected by government policies or local populations. Pristine environments are less exploited or not ventured into at all and offer a great variety of species and ecosystems.

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