Essay: Ensuring honesty in utilizing public funds

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Essay: Ensuring honesty in utilizing public funds

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According to Spier and Bird (2009, p. 37), serving the public means that engineers are paid by the same public. Therefore it is very important for them to make sure that funds availed to them by the public are well utilized. This is encouraged as a social responsibility as any deviation from this amounts to stealing of public funds. This social responsibility heavily relies on individual’s attribute of and honesty trustworthiness because any mistakes in fund utilization result from of a personal decision to allow it happen unabated.

The code of ethics still addresses this issue under matters related to professional and personal integrity stating that an engineer is supposed to work with respect, loyalty, truthfulness, and honesty while applying his or her skills (engineers Australia). This for sure minimizes over-estimation and embezzlement of funds by hog engineers. It is also ethical to honest with what one does as this not only encourages people to embrace technology but boost confidence in engineering as a field of profession.

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