Essay: Enlightenment of Gotama

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Essay: Enlightenment of Gotama

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When the two arrive at the camp of Gotama, they are happily welcomed. At first, Siddhartha is contended with Gotama as they are taught the “Eightfold Path, the four main points, and other aspects of Buddhism.” (Hesse 21) Although Govinda is satisfied with the teachings of Gotama, Siddhartha on the other hand still harbors some doubts. He does not understand how one cannot overcome the physical world if he has to accept the unity of all things. At the of the day he leaves his friend behind and goes on to look for the real meaning of life for he has realized that religion will not be able to answer it. As he is leaving, he tells the Gotama the Buddha

“There is one thing that this clear, worthy instruction does not contain; it does not contain the secret of what the Illustrious One himself experienced—he alone among hundreds of thousands. That is what I thought and realized when I heard your teachings. That is why I am going on my way—not to seek another doctrine, for I know there is none, but to leave all doctrines and all teachers and to reach my goal alone—or die.” (Hesse 24)

He now believes that there is no teaching that can help him fulfill his dreams and acknowledges the fact that the Gotama is enlightened but he is not able to enlighten others. He resolves that he will not follow any one else in search for Nirvana but he will go about it alone.

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