Essay: English Literature: Journal Entries

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Essay: English Literature: Journal Entries

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Journal Entry Four: Romantics

Romantics are a group of a people of a band that was formed in the year 1977 in Detroit in Michigan (The Romantics, 2010). The name of the band was symbolic for it was adopted since the band was formed on a Valentine’s Day. Due to the bands’ memorable and stylish videos and energetic and stylish songs, the band was able to gain mush popularity in Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and the U.S during early 1980s. The romantic are able to play power pop, which is a variation of pop-oriented punk rock.  This has been influenced by the British Invasion Rock, Ramones’ punk rock as well as the hard rock and garage rock of Detroit. The band also been able o be placed in the class of “New Wave” because of the good image it has maintained since it was founded (The Romantics, 2010).

The band known as Romantics was formed under the influence of other musicians in the period of 1977 who were excelling in the music industry.  The band started with an initial membership of four people namely; Wally Palmar who was the singer, harmonica player and rhythm guitarist, Mike Skill the lead guitarist, Rich Cole the bassist and Jimmy Marinos the singer and drummer. The in initial songs were regional and local gigs. However, the band progressed to writing debut albums with the first one being “Little White Lies/ I Can’t Tell You Anything” that was recorded in 1978 followed by “Tell It To Carrie”/”First In Line” (The Romantics, 2010).

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