Essay: Engineering Ethics

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Essay: Engineering Ethics

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Within any professional field of practice, all players are expected to attain the best in providing their services to the public but at the same time observing all rules and regulations laid down by responsible governing body in that particular profession. Engineering being one of the most popular and important field of service provision in Australia, it is equally tasked with ensuring that certain rules and regulations are adhered to in order to serve the people in the most diligent manner.

Therefore, it is evident that certain social and ethical considerations are and should be observed for better service delivery. According to Herkert (2000, p. 13) Social responsibility dictates that an entity for instance an industry such as manufacturing has an obligation to execute its activities with an aim to benefit the community at large. This is further reinforced by the inclusion of social responsibility in the international normative laws that require all the laid down practices implemented in all countries across the globe. Ethical observations on the other hand are the professional laid down rule and regulations that are followed for better outcomes in serving the society (14).

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