Essay: Engineering ethics in Australia-Disclosure of public interest

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Essay: Engineering ethics in Australia-Disclosure of public interest

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Engineers in this country are obligated in line with safeguarding public safety to this social obligation. It eliminates any chances of unlawful activities within the field of practicing engineering. This is possible by making public any undertaking by any individual willing to pursue a particular contract and blowing the whistle whenever illegal dealing threaten to or invades. As Spier and Bird (2009, p. 29) put it, this promotes transparency thus ensuring that services delivered are of the desired quality.

Whistle blowers should also be protected to strengthen the virtue, as any exposure of such will result in incompetency in the line of transparency. The code of practice for Australian engineers categories thus as a responsibility of responsible leadership that calls for effective communication with all relevant deemed relevant and other stakeholders in this case the public.

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