Essay: Employee Working Conditions in Emirates Airlines

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Essay: Employee Working Conditions in Emirates Airlines

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According to Cartwright $ Cooper (1997), just like in other firm in the service industry, the employees of Emirates Airline are highly affected by stress arising from long hours of work. The employees spend most of their time on board whereas the others work over 50 hours a week while working towards achieving the objectives of the firm. Considering the highly level of competition in the air industry, the employees at Emirates Airline are expected to work extra hard in order to meet the daily challenges. Through vigorous training, outsourcing and employing the best custom made practices, Emirates Airline have made great performances making it to remain profitable since its inception on 1985, October 25th. To achieve the success, the employees have to persevere a lot of stress to achieve the firm’s success. Long hours of work whilst at the same time trying to same time trying to balance the marriage life and profession. The work challenges coupled by the family life have stressed the employees hence affecting their performance.

At Emirates Airlines, a number of factors have caused the employees stress. The employee turnover at the air industry is mainly attributed to high employee stress at the place of work. At Emirates Airline, the employee stress is attributed to the following:

  1. issues surrounding the working conditions, these include

1.1.   high work load

1.2.   working at odd places and at odd time

1.3.   harsh physical environment

1.4.   The employee functions within the firm.

The employees working conditions cause the employees to have stress in a variety of ways. When the employees have to take long flights across the continents, this may take a number of days and they have to stay away from their families, the worker may be required to work in isolated places while repairing the planes in noisy places at the airports eventually making the prone to stress.

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