Essay: Employee selection

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Essay: Employee selection

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When the best employees are selected to fill any position in the organization, it follows that the desired results are achieved. Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) has been an unresolved issue for ages. It is because of this that researchers are interested in addressing and explaining the reasons as to why there are variances or deviances in the behaviors of different employees in the workplace. With the best employee selection procedures put in place, it has been found that the problems associated with counterproductive work behavior are resolved. Since there are so many applicants applying for any position advertised, the selection process is eased during the initial interview in which the poor applicants fail during the intelligent quotient (IQ), aptitude tests or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tests. This makes it very easy for the recruiting management to select the best candidate who will fit the advertised position. He further argues that the necessary recruitment steps must be followed to avoid any mistakes, which will be very costly to the firm later on (MacLane & Walmsley, 2010).

CWB problem can be resolved through the selection of the best candidate who fits in the advertised position and this ensures that the firm’s strategic goals are achieved. It is worthy noting that use of poor selection decisions is very expensive. In the employee selection process, the management might face constraints due to supply shortages, compensation policies, selection budget as well as the organizational plans and policies. The selection process involves six major steps, which should be taken serious for the selection to be successful. These are pre-screening the applicants, first section interview, selection testing, background investigation, supervisory interview and hiring decision. This process ensures that no bias is used and only the best candidate is chosen for the position. Since there are CWB problems caused by poor selection processes and hence variances in behavior which mostly leads to conflict, through following the above six-step selection process, this problem is solved.

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