Essay: Employee Hiring Strategies

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Essay: Employee Hiring Strategies

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During the hiring, one strategy that I will employ is asking the most important question to a candidate so that to eliminate the least competent candidate in a prescreening interview. This saves us time and energy since one is able to eliminate candidates easily. The strategy also involves asking the correct questions at the correct time during the interview. To complete the hiring strategy, the hiring team will have to confirm the education background, the referees, the job experience and the check for any criminal record. It is also imperative to confirm the identification and the work permit if the new workers are expatriates (Bogardus, 2004).

To ensure that the hiring strategy is legally acceptable, I shall have to follow the already existing legal framework. The firm ensures that 25% of the vacant positions are filled with the people from the minority groups such as the disabled and African Americans groups among others. To guarantee that the company follows the already laid laws, the firm’s legal counsel is expected to update the human resources managers about any change in laws that affect the human resources and any other department in our firm.

Hiring process is an important process that needs to be carried out with great caution to achieve the desired results. A shoddy hiring strategy results to wastage of resources and may cost the job of the hiring team. While employing a vast number of new employees, it is important to re-employ workers who may have been retrenched in the firm while ensuring that there interviewing process is free from any biasness. A well executed staffing plan is a great investment for a firm.

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