Essay: Emotion Quotient Inventory

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Essay: Emotion Quotient Inventory

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A person who has the talent of an higher EI should always fit in the social norms of the society one is living in. to ascertain whether a person has a higher EI, it is of much importance to accept that the questions one will be asked have to be answered in the same way by the majority. The ability to respond to other people’s emotions and at the same time adhere to the social norms is tantamount to an EI person.

It is important to understand the emotions of the person you are talking to in order to ascertain the best answers you will give. Controlling your emotions concerning the circumstances is important if you have to be considered as an emotionally intelligent person. A person who is not able to control his or her emotions as per different circumstances should accept that he or she is of low EI. “Emotion Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) is not meant to measure personality traits or cognitive capacity, but rather the mental ability to be successful in dealing with environmental demands and pressures.” (Mayer et al 2008)

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