Essay: Emergency planning-Manageable Span-of-Control

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Essay: Emergency planning-Manageable Span-of-Control

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In many disasters, a big number of rescuers get to the site of disaster in time. However, these rescue workers tend to overwhelmed by the emergency tasks at that site. A big number of rescue workers at the disaster site should be effective. Manageable Span-of-Control within SEMS/ICS is key to effectiveness when it comes to rescue missions.

Recommended span of management of three to five will be less effective compared to the recommended maximum of seven. This will result in a crowded taskforce and varied ways of approaches to a situation. Coordination in such arrangements is likely to very poor given the fact that the number of managers will be big. Many varying instructions are likely to come from different supervisors and reach the grounds men differently especially in situations where a similar actions should be under taken. This will result in a less effective workforce thus derailing rescue missions.

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