Essay: Emergency planning-EMS Response and Bioterrorism

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Essay: Emergency planning-EMS Response and Bioterrorism

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Diseases from Bioterrorist attacks or other rapidly communicable diseases cause more harm as time goes. When allowed to get into the public domain, these diseases spread much faster thus killing many people. In events of such incidences, the ICS should be commanded by the police and the fire units. This is because such incidences are of emergency is nature and that first automatic response dictates the extent to which the calamity will spread. The police and fire brigades have the advantage of their duty, which requires them to be within the public. They get to know of such occurrences first compared to other surveillance teams. In effect, they can establish barriers against such sites and restrict mingling of people. This will by far prevent incidences of escaping of the public from such areas unaware that they are at a health risk. The two can form a very good source of information to both ICS and the medical personnel in calling for them in the most appropriate time and in terms of time when such incidences occurred and the extent they may have gone.

The police and fire fighters can also offer technical assistance to the ICS and the medical teams. This is in terms of lifting and transporting suspected individual that pose a risk of spreading the illnesses to the public. However, they might be at risk too off contracting such disease causing microorganisms too. Non-health personnel should only be allowed to make decisions to the extent that what they decide does not depend on technical medical procedures like laboratory work to undertake. Giving estimates on numbers affected, cause and area of restrictions are some of decision left for nonmedical personnel.

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