Essay: Embryonic stem-cell research

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Essay: Embryonic stem-cell research

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Embryonic stem cells abbreviated as ES cells are the pluripotent, which are taken from the inner cells of blastocyst, embryo in the early stage. The blastocyst stage is reached only after four to five days after fertilization in human beings. At this stage, they have 50 to 150 cells. Embryonic stem cells are categorized into two considering their properties, which are very distinct; their capability to renew themselves forever and pluripotency (Ying et al 287). Stem cell is thus referred as the generic cell that can be used to make exactly similar copies on one life indefinitely. It uses a precursor cell, which has the ability to create specialized cells that can be used for a number of body tissues (Evans & Kaufman 156).

Stem cell research is expected to come up with advances that will help in curing a number of diseases including cancer, arthritis, stroke, heart disease, spinal cord injury, diabetes and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (American Policy Roundtable). Some people can argue that since this research helps in curing diseases, it should be supported by all to be a means of prolonging lives of some people who might be suffering from incurable diseases. Further, considering the case brought about in Michael J Fox’s memoir Always Looking Up, it is clear that the life Fox was changed since he was living with Parkinson’s disease. These two arguments are two very strong arguments to support the Embryonic stem-cell research. Nevertheless, these arguments do not make each person support the research, as there are several arguments against the research (Martin 7636).

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