Essay: The Eligibility of Insurance Cover

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Essay: The Eligibility of Insurance Cover

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The eligibility of insurance cover will be expanded as at January 1, 2014 to include any one who earns 133% of the poverty line or more. This will not be limited to adults who have dependent children alone but will include those without children. This will ensure that almost all income earners are able to access insurance cover and thus better health care.

Employers with more than fifty employees will be liable to a penalty of up to $2000 if they fail to pay insurance cover to their permanent employees. (Cost Estimate for Pending Health Care Legislation 2010 available online)  This will act as a deterrent to employers who are unwilling to pay insurance cover for their employees. Individuals who opt not to insure themselves will be subject to a fine of 1% of their total income or $95 whichever is higher. (Wyden. 2010 available online) This is a deterrent for those individuals who view insurance as cumbersome and time wasting. Although it would be expensive to pay for insurance than to pay the fine, nobody would be happy to lose his or her money to fines, as this would not be able to help him in any way.  Money paid to insurance is not money lost as it helps a customer in the hour of need. Customers with disabilities or chronic illnesses will be given incentives upon registering in to insurance premiums. The incentives will be coming in as payments of certain bills in the facilities they are admitted.  Employees paying more than 9.5% in premiums will be eligible to be admitted in to state owned insurance. (Dennis 2010 pp 12-23)  This is an incentive to lure all the employees in to acquiring insurance covers, which are capable of financing most of their health needs.

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