Essay: Egypt’s importance and influence in Arab and Africa

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Essay: Egypt’s importance and influence in Arab and Africa

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Its importance and influence in the Arab nations and Africa in general cannot be overemphasized. Egypt plays crucial roles in the Middle East and Africa ranging from political to commercial. Situated in a very good geographical position, it is a trading partner with many of African and Arab nations. Other nations sell their goods directly to Egypt or use it for exporting their goods to other parts of the world. The country has a population of 80 million people, which is among the highest populations in Africa and the Middle East.

Political influence especially to fellow Arab world is the most visible effect of roles Egypt play in the Middle East. Many nations among the USA have always described Egypt as a pace setter in establishing democracy in the Arab world which believe strongly in monarchy kind of administration. Egypt was among the earliest Arab world to adopt contemporary or western kind of governance after the Second World War[1]. Since the, this country has experienced tremendous growth in political, economic and social status. In thus regard, Egypt is indeed the heart of the Arab world and at the same time a political moderator of matters political in the Arab world.

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