Essay: Egypt in the UN security Council

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Essay: Egypt in the UN security Council

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Without challenges by another country in Africa, Egypt was in the UN Security Council’s as the first African state to do so in the year 1946 to 1947. Seemingly respected by all African states, Egypt subsequently sat in the same council in the 1949 and 1950 until 1960 when another African state, Tunisia made it to the council[1].

Being in this position for such a long time shows that Egypt was a very important nation among African states. This also proves that Egypt was and is still very influential in most if not all African states. To substantiate this claim further, it is worthy to refer to some of the most crucial role Egypt played in some of the African states that were still under colonization.

[1] Haseeb, Markaz and Muntadá, al-Fikr. The Arabs & Africa; Centre for Arab Unity Studies. Taylor & Francis, 1985.

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