Essay: Egypt and the Integration alliances

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Essay: Egypt and the Integration alliances

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Regional role of Egypt can be predicted to take what is called a three plus two alliance. This implies that three countries namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria are likely to form a formidable alliance with other two, which are Iran and turkey[1]. This initiative is expected to bring more stability in the middle east region as it engages the most powerful and influential countries who are focused on solidarity of Arab countries. Egypt being among the pioneers of this alliance has invested so much in the project.

This shows that it plays a very crucial role not only in amalgamating the Arab world but also in Middle East politics since the block will have its own political ideologies. A three plus two alliance product from this region will bring stability in the region by ensuring a safe Iraq as withdrawal of the US troops is probable. NATO could pull out of Afghanistan and bring Palestine and Hamas to peaceful coexistence. Finally, this could help establish a permanent government in Lebanon not destabilized occasionally by Hezbollah in the current situation and eliminate al-Qaida. All these reflect the crucial roles played by Egypt within the Middle East region thus its importance.

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