Essay: Effects of prolonged waiting of Cholecystectomy

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Essay: Effects of prolonged waiting of Cholecystectomy

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A study conducted in 2003 about the effects of prolonged waiting of Cholecystectomy showed that some patients are misjudged on the state of their gallstone complications. The study was done on 164 patients in different hospitals whereby 90 of the patients were discharged for treatment on another day. The remaining 74 patients were operated upon the first day they were admitted. “Over the 5-year time period the proportion of patients discharged for readmission Cholecystectomy increased from 27% to 67% (p<0.01).” Twenty percent of the discharged patients developed complications while awaiting surgery and they had to be readmitted for the operation earlier than planned. “Twenty percent of patients with gallstone pancreatitis who are discharged to await operating room time (average wait 40 days) will require readmission for biliary symptoms” (McCullough et al 2003)

Governments have realized the need for urgency in operating people with gall stone complications and thus “currently, the British Society of Gastroenterology recommends that patients with acute gallstone pancreatitis have an operation within 28 days.”(Barnard & Siriwardena 2002 pp 79) If all the governments would consider these facts and ensure that they are implemented in the hospitals then there could be a significant for the better towards the treatment of gallbladder complications.

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