Essay: Effects of Riots on the Economy

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Essay: Effects of Riots on the Economy

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Riots have adverse effects on the economy and affects almost all aspects the human life. It is of paramount importance for the SA authorities, led by the president, Jacob Zuma to ensure that SA sets global standards by hosting a peaceful global tournament.

Riots can be controlled by having sufficient stewards lined along with a contingent of riot police officers. Tight security measures and scanning of individual before they enter into the field is a protective measure that can yield positive results. The SA national intelligence needs to play crucial role to ensure that any planned riot is put a stop. Though no serious cases of riot caused by fans has been reported, in reference to statistic, chances of riots are high, therefore, it is upon the government of South African to ensure that there is sufficient security measure to control riots and adequate intelligence to thwart any planned riot. The match officials also need to make reasonable judgments that shall not cause distress among the fans.

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