Essay: Effects of age in homeless persons

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Essay: Effects of age in homeless persons

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There are certain characteristics in a population that make a certain group of the said population be referred to as vulnerable. These characteristics range from age, chronic illnesses, and place of residence as well as the ability to communicate effectively.  There are certain classes of people who can be said to be vulnerable and they include infants, pregnant women, the old and the poor in the society. Homeless people are considered vulnerable but their vulnerability is determined by certain factors in their lives, which include age. It is important to note that not only adults are homeless as there are children involved too. In the US, millions of children sleep in cars and unoccupied buildings. (Burt & Valente 2001)

The main cause of homelessness is poverty, which arises from inadequate incomes to the affected individuals. The effects of homelessness starts in a child before birth since most of the homeless are unmarried women are not in a position to have healthy pregnancies. This is because they are subjected to drug abuse and some suffer chronic illnesses. They also do not get sufficient pre natal care since they cannot afford it. This subjects the unborn child to major health risks even before they are born. The fact that homeless persons have no access to adequate health facilities makes their babies miss some important immunizations and as a result, they have a higher risk of illnesses. The environmental factors in the places they are living can be hazardous to their health. The state of the parents of homeless kids results in low birth weight, due to poor health or eating habits as well as substance abuse. These factors increase child mortality rate for homeless children as compared to their housed peers. They will most likely die young because of the conditions of their lives. (Masten & Arturo 1999)

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