Essay: The Effects of Internet on Travel Agent

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Essay: The Effects of Internet on Travel Agent

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Customers also have the opportunities of learning more about the places they are visiting from the internet and thus able to book hotels online. The bottom line that one is able to make all arrangements needed before travelling without involving any intermediary as long as he or she has access to internet. The advent of internet has also been coupled with people acquiring personal computers and internet providers thus bringing the technology closer to the people.( Lewis, Ira, Semeijn, Janjaap, Talalayevsky, Alexander 1998)

There are some circumstances where by customers are left with no choices other than using the agents. This happens mostly in situations whereby one has to pass through different destinations. It is very hard to do several online bookings when one is travelling as it means dealing with many different entities. When one has to pass through different destinations, it is easier to use the international agents who have offices in different places around the world. By doing this one is able to deal with one company because he just have to state his or her demands to the agent and all his needs will be taken care of. (The travel insider 2010)

It is important to note that a minute means a lot in the amount one may for an air ticket since the fares change from time to time. When one is passing through many points, it is less demanding to use the agent for they will be able to fix his or her time according to the lowest fares possible. By doing this you end up saving money and time since you will be having someone who will be taking care of your travel plans. When one is doing booking, it is important to do research so as not end up paying more than what he would have paid through an agent. (Farooqui 2010)

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