Essay: Causes and effects are discoverable by experiences

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Essay: Causes and effects are discoverable by experiences

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Based on these examples, the proposition that causes and effects are discoverable not by reason but by experience is true basing on the following grounds. First, there are some examples of objects that we remember having once been altogether unknown to us; and could tell would arise from those objects. This is totally in contrast to the objects we been never in contact or familiar to us.

For example, a man who has no knowledge of physics when presented with  two smooth pieces of marble,  will find it easy to slide the marbles apart but won’t be able to work out that they will stick together and it will takes great force to separate  them by pulling them directly away from one another. Secondly, Events that are not much like the common course of nature are also known only by experience. For example, nobody thinks that the attraction of a magnet or explosion of gunpowder.  Thirdly, when an effect is thought to depend on a secret structure of parts we tend to attribute all our knowledge of it to experience.  For instance, no a single philosopher can give the satisfactory and ultimate reason why bread is nourishing for a man but not for a tiger (George 120).

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