Essay: Effects caused by spine manipulation therapies

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Essay: Effects caused by spine manipulation therapies

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The design of this research will be based on five major components of an ideal design. These components ensured that the design is systematic and that it focuses on the research questions throughout the exercise. The components are:

i) Goals; this assisted much in establishing why the research was worth doing. In this case, worthiness of this research was proved by the fact that spinal manipulations are having many effects some of which can be physically identified while others must undergo clinical analysis to establish.

ii)Conceptual framework; current proceeding thought to be going on within the medical field aid much in data collecting and interpretation. The existing theories that revolve around the whole issue of spinal manipulations will be used to arrive at the most effective interview questions. A good literature review done further will ensure proper focus on both doctor and patient views. Therefore, a proper understanding of the issue will make it easier to settle some of the most contentious issues in a research such as the sample size and time schedules for the whole exercise.

iii)Research questions; this component assist much in isolation of what is known from what is not known about the research topic Specific details about what the research will be investigating will be easily revealed in the questions since no repetitive and obvious data can be collected when this is put in  and adhered to. Both patients’ and doctors’ are in no doubt good candidates for these research questions. This means that the questions were designed in a manner that they consistently and cohesively relate to one another.

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