Essay: Effectiveness of communication in an organizational setting

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Essay: Effectiveness of communication in an organizational setting

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The topic of the lesson is ‘effectiveness of communication in an organizational setting’. The lesson would cover different aspects of the topic which include different factors that add up to the effectiveness and unhindered flow of communication in an organization and other factors that cause distortion and other hindrances in the free flow of communication in an organization. The learning objectives of the session are the following:

1. After due explanation of the theoretical concepts, the learners will create or reproduce a scenario in an organizational setting that explains the effective flow of communication. (Behavioral Objective)

  1. The learners will present their views about the impact and effectiveness of communication in an organizational setting. (Affective Objective)

The types of learners that may be expected in this session include; students who intend to initiate a professional career in the near future, students who already are engaged with a profession and are aware of the manner in which an organization works and students who are a either a part of or intend to be a part of the managerial core of an organization. These three types of learners would have different styles of learning based on their cognitive skills. For example; students who are unaware of an organizational environment due to lack of any professional engagement might require extensive explanation of certain concepts while on the other hand, students who are already engaged with some profession might be able to grasp some concepts quickly.

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