Essay: Effective Therapies in the Counseling of Children

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Essay: Effective Therapies in the Counseling of Children

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Counseling of children and adults draws from a vast range of psychology theories. Among these theories includes cognitive theory, behaviorist theory, humanist theory and psychoanalytic theory. In their application in counseling the therapy draws from particular principles related to the specific theories. The cognitive theory involves the manipulation of mental schema in the learning of behaviors. It is a vital theory for the teaching of new and therapeutic skills in children and adolescents.

They are involved in developing vital skills necessary in taking control of their emotions which then impact greatly on their behaviors. On the other hand, the behaviorist theory is applied in counseling for the learning of desired behaviors through the use of modeling, reinforcement and conditioning. It is rather common for the incorporation of both the cognitive and behaviorist theories in counseling therapy. Their integration has been known to effect significant change and cultivation of positive skills in both children and adolescents. With reference to these theories and their application, the paper will discuss the use of Drama play therapy technique and cognitive behavioral therapy technique in the counseling of children and adolescents.

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