Essay: Effective Strategy for Dominos Pizza Inc

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Essay: Effective Strategy for Dominos Pizza Inc

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Next, the company should concentrate on increasing its network coverage in China in order to seize the looming opportunity in this emerging economy. This should be increased by 10 percent within the next five years. India and China carry less than 2% of the total stores under the Domino’s company (Globaldata 22). This way, the company revenues will also increase and eventually increase the market and share value. This plan needs to be executed in the next five years so that eventually Dominos can reap the increased profits.

In regards to the menu, Domino’s should implement a low fat calorie menu to compete effectively with other rivals in order to increase its revenues. This will serve to attract more customers and increase customer loyalty through quality and timely delivery of best delicacies. The guidelines on health and quality should be adhered to strictly if at all any good results are to be achieved. These two recommendations are based on the reason that the level of competition in the fast food industry is growing steadily (Young, 56).

Achieving these goals requires a definite path that is clearly built on the strengths and focused on the opportunities of the company (Young).  On the efficient use of raw materials, the management needs to have an overview of how the available raw materials are being used and how best they can be utilized with an aim of cutting down costs and increasing revenues.

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