Essay: Effective IMP- Kuiper Leda Company

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Essay: Effective IMP- Kuiper Leda Company

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In processes of building an effective IMP, Kuiper Leda Company should add an ABC inventory planning which is like an update to the IMP. This shall facilitate dividing inventory items into three groupings based on the unit sales. ABC inventory planning will enable identifying the products on unit sales basis that would ensure differentiated items on their moving speed.

In other words, the items that are on high demand shall be maintained in Kuiper Leda Company’s inventory, while dead stocks are stocked accordingly. As a result, Kuiper Leda Company shall be able to ensure that the company is able to provide the customers with in-demand items on a timely manner, therefore reducing company’s inventory carrying costs and minimizes wastes. Generally, adoption of the ABC inventory planning shall facilitate easy categorization of products based on specific criterion assigned by the firm.

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