Essay: Educational Opportunities provided by the Army

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Essay: Educational Opportunities provided by the Army

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I look forward to enjoying the educational opportunities the Army provides. As rumored the Army provides advancements in educational abilities through continuing education and further clinical training. The notion of helping others and being further trained by the best excites me on many levels as I believe I am fulfilling my dreams and desires to help others.

I believe I am a well qualified applicant for the program. My experiences and education have provided me with this destiny. As per my resume I have been a retail pharmacist since 2007. Prior to becoming a pharmacist I completed my education at Florida A&M University being an honored member of both the Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society and The Golden Key International Honor Society. These achievements were made in addition to being on the dean’s list for all four years of my graduate schooling.

I hope that you will regard my application highly as my passions and goals await you.  I look forward to hearing your decisions and serving my country as a member of the United States Army.

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