Essay: Looking for better Educational Facilities

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Essay: Looking for better Educational Facilities

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Education is becoming a must have asset in today’s living. Many people have gone extra steps in ensuring that they possess the best of this commodity. Education standards in the world are improving with many countries committing much of their monies in their education systems. This has indeed improved the quality of education. However, this is not true, for some parts of the world especially developing countries most of which found in Africa (Doyle et al. 2010 p.473)

This difference in the quality of education in different parts of the world has necessitated the need to look for better educational facilities that are of good quality. Studying abroad has formed the best option so far as a solution for this problem. Many people have moved out of their countries and are studying in foreign countries (Doyle et al. 2010 p.483). However, there are quite a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with studying abroad. This paper is going to look at the various merits and demerits associated with studying abroad. It will further elaborate on the experience and how it affects general lifestyle.

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