Essay: Education is a right to all

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Essay: Education is a right to all

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Nobody should be compelled to go through education. However, education is for all and by the way, it is a right to all. To hinder a child or a person from taking education is an offence in law; such infringements should be highly punished in any state. In this regard, people should be encouraged to further their studies and steer it to higher levels. The dictum that if one educates a child has educated a nation indicates that the benefits of education are not of a personalized nature but indeed, contribute a lot in the social order.

It is impossible to teach a child physics in high school level for s/he will not understand. This will be Greek to the child and a waste of time. The intellectual capabilities of a five year old child are different from a teenage of say, 12 years old. In this light, any curriculum should be reviewed to suit the capabilities of the children and/or students. This categorization is evident today, for example, there is lower primary, middle primary and upper primary; then one graduates to high school then university. This classification is not considered for the sake of it but is due to the fact that a child needs to develop and that s/he needs attention that is in tandem with his/her age.

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