Essay: Education Multiculturalism

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Essay: Education Multiculturalism

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There are people who feel comfortable only when they are with people who share the same language. These people can be found to be very talkative and beneficially contributing to the groups formed. When it comes to these same people getting into groups of people from other races, they become introverts and their voices will never be heard. These people are in the opposition of multiculturalism.

Education multiculturalism has both cons and pros associated with it. The pros include the fact that there are few children from the race minorities being reported to drop from school since they feel as equal as the others do. The blacks and the whites are intermingling in schools without any problems of discrimination. After a certain research was conducted, “the student interviewed in the case study reflected an attitude that would probably facilitate consensus building, respect for other cultures, or fostering of cultural pluralism within different racial communities and in the classroom” (Wilson). Both unconscious and conscious racism expressions are understood and dealt away with thus embracing harmony among races. The sameness in different cultures facilitates compatibility. There is need of understanding between all the people whom God created. Mitchell &Salsbury argue that God wanted to “Bless this beautiful land with its wonderful people of different races, cultures and languages so that it will be a land of laughter and joy, of justice and reconciliation, of peace and unity, of compassion, caring and sharing” (264).

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