Essay: Education in the Modern World

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Essay: Education in the Modern World

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A lot has been discussed as far as Judaic Tradition is concerned. Therefore, it is worthwhile to analyze some of its basic concepts once again and more importantly, establish their impact in the education system in the modern world. Indeed, when one pays a critical attention to the structure of education today one might think that its pioneers borrowed detail by detail from the aforementioned tradition. There are indeed, very strong points in the arguments advanced by the author; or better still, the author presents a very strong background of education, and also it is worth observing that a good portion of the opinions expressed are very valid, very valid in deed.

It has been stated earlier that Judaic – biblical and rabbinic – tradition is not a uniform theory of education. Therefore, it has succumbed to diverse interpretations with different opinions. Apparently, this is one of the major signs of a school of thought. Note that any education system is a compendium of knowledge. This tradition cannot be of relevance as an education system if it did not imply knowledge. To shed more light on this consider the following argument:

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